Data sheet

Agave: Tequilana Weber azul.
Age and origin: Agaves at full maturity of 5 to 6 years from the Altos de Jalisco, a highly valued region, because it has the perfect altitude and climate to influence the optimal development of the plant.

Over the years and the different stages of growth, a strenuous review and care of the plants is carried out, in order to obtain greater yields in kilos and sugar concentration, which translates into a tequila with richer and more flavours. sweet naturally.

Tasting: Crystalline and transparent appearance without obvious coloration.

Herbal and floral notes that give it a refreshing and lively touch.

Sweet and subtle mineral notes that add elegance and presence; which come directly from the agave, which in turn has been obtained naturally from the same land where it was planted

Its texture is soft and silky, leaving a warm sensation with a persistent and pleasant finish.

Service: Serve in small tulip or wheelie glasses; drink directly, slightly chilled, without ice. The ideal temperature to appreciate the aromas and flavors without numbing the palate ranges between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius.
Pairing: Citrus and spicy flavors, typical of Mexican gastronomy; poultry, fish and shellfish proteins.

Ideal for dishes with light seasoning, moderate or no cooking, such as: ceviche, aguachile, sashimi, wallpaper or falafel; as well as fresh desserts, such as snow or citrus fruit mousse such as lemon, orange, guava, passion fruit or mango.

Alcoholic content: 40% Alc. Vol.